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Voices: an exploration of Black Las Vegas through the resources in UNLV Special Collections and Archives: Exhibit Guide

Guide for "Voices" a 2021 Special Collections and Archives exhibit

This exhibit aims to tell the stories of a number of influential African Americans in the Las Vegas community through an exploration of materials in UNLV University Libraries Special Collections and Archives (SCA).

The individuals featured in this exhibit represent a cross section of the Black community - educators, politicians, dancers, and more - in order to provide a deeper understanding of how their individual lives brought about change in Southern Nevada. It is, by no means, a comprehensive list or “Who’s Who” and represents only a fraction of notable community members. The figures highlighted in this exhibit were selected from a rich list of community members, all of whom have contributed to and left lasting legacies in Las Vegas.

As you walk the hallway, read about each person to get a better understanding of their lives, from their struggles to their triumphs. Can you make  connections between the individuals? While each person led a captivating life, many intersect in interesting ways. Seen together, the powerful history of the Black community in Las Vegas is illuminated. Scan the QR code and hear, in their own voices, a piece of their stories.

Over the last year, cultural heritage institutions across the United States have looked  inward to reexamine how they are caring for and making available materials from, about, and for communities of color. SCA was no different. Staff examined collections and curation; policies and procedures; and access and outreach efforts. Ultimately, SCA staff desires to ensure that diverse voices, perspectives, and communities are represented in our collections, collaborations, and outreach efforts.

An exhibit by UNLV University Libraries Staff.

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