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Children's and Young Adult Literature: Graphic Novels

This guide is a starting place for exploring children's and young adult literature

About the TDRL Graphic Novel Collection

The TDRL defines our graphic novel collection as any bound volume written primarily in the sequential art format.  Sequential art is considered a series of sequential images used together for graphic story telling. The TDRL graphic novel collection contains materials with varying age level appropriateness.  Due to the mature content of some of these titles, it is always recommended that titles are evaluated thoroughly before bringing them into a K12 classroom or recommending to students.  It should not be assumed that because these titles contain "cartoons" that they are appropriate for all students in all settings.  

The libraries also offers students, faculty, and staff access to a collection of comics, graphic novels, and manga from over 100 independent publishers through the Comics Plus database. (In order to use this resource, users are required to create an account using their university email address.)

The titles below are arranged based on general reading and content levels, but these are only recommendations intended to help reviewers find titles to evaluate. Reviewers should use their best judgment on whether specific titles meet the needs of their students. 

Graphic Novels for Beginning Readers

Graphic Novels for Juvenile Readers

Graphic Novels for Middle Schoolers

Graphic Novels for Young Adults

Graphic Novels for Adults

Graphic Novel Research

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