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Children's and Young Adult Literature: LGBTQIA+

This guide is a starting place for exploring children's and young adult literature

LGBTQIA+ Resources for Young People

The links below include LGBTQIA+ resources and books with varying degrees of LGBTQIA+ representation aimed at young people from birth to young adulthood.  The authenticity of LGBTQIA+ representation in these books has not been evaluated by the TDRL staff, and because of this, we highly recommend evaluating individual books for authentic representation before making recommendations to young people.  

The books are organized by age interest group and then further broken down by format.   These pages can also be reached by using the drop down menu on the LGBTQIA+ tab. For additional assistance, please contact Amanda Melilli, Head of the TDRL. 

LGBTQIA+ Picture Books

LGBTQIA+ Early Elementary Books

LGBTQIA+ Upper Elementary

LGBTQIA+ Middle School Books

LGBTQIA+ Young Adult Books

LGBTQIA + Resources for Educators

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