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Explore resources used by historians

Book Reviews

Other databases

Journal Articles

Secondary sources. Journal articles written by historians published in scholarly journals. 

Secondary sources. Collections of scholarly journals that include history journals along with journals from other academic disciplines.

Magazines, newsletters and other popular sources written for members of a community. Could be primary or secondary sources depending on how you use them. 

Indexes that list citations for scholarship published on a topic. Use the UNLV Find Text button to find out if the full article is available online or request a PDF delivered to your email via ILLiad.  

Search Tips

Narrow/ Focus Your Search

Broaden/ Expand Your Search

Place quotation marks around words to search for an exact phrase, e.g., "high school" (works in many databases and Google)

And or Not connector between concepts

Or” connector between synonyms

Field Limiters, e.g., dates, type of document

Truncation or Wildcard (e.g., child* to search for all terms beginning with child, e.g. child, children, childcare)

Use the controlled vocabulary (human assigned main topics --Thesaurus)

Free-text or keyword searching (computer mediated, no human intervention)

Proximity searching, e.g.,  first year n3 retention (finds results in which first year is found within 3 words of retention)


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