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Primary sources documenting African American communities in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and towns and cities in North Carolina.
Primary sources like manuscripts, maps and illustrated documents, diaries and ship logs recording the experiences of Europeans as they explored trade routes, colonized the Americas and Australasia, and raced to the North and South Poles.
Search all archival collections from Adam Matthew Publishers.
Oral histories, declassified government documents, correspondence, photos and digitized artifacts from the National WWII museum in New Orleans, LA.
Search three archival collections representing 20th century advertising and marketing from Adam Matthew Publishers.
Primary sources from the Gilder Lehrman collection about American history from the earliest settlers to the mid-twentieth century.
Search all American history archival collections from Adam Matthew Publishers.
British government files from the Foreign, Colonial, Dominion and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices documenting the history of South Africa's apartheid regime.
Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine Archive provides access to the complete digital version of the Businessweek backfile. Provides full-text content to articles from 1929-2000.
Newspapers, journals and reports offering the perspective of Anglican missionary administrators and workers on cultural encounters and historical events.
British government documents from the CO 5 series about administering the American colonies.
Government and agency records from the British National Archives concerning Central and South America and the French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.
Government and agency records from the British National Archives concerning the Levant and the Arabian peninsula, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Sudan.
Government and agency records from the British National Archives concerning the United States, Canada and the English-speaking Caribbean, with some coverage of Central and South America.
Primary sources selected to illustrate changing views about gender, themed around conduct, domesticity, consumption and leisure, education, and the body.
British government records from the India Office chart the history of British trade and rule in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.
Produced in collaboration with the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive, the material in this collection includes thousands of audio field recordings and interviews, educational recordings, film footage, field notebooks, slides, correspondence and ephemera from over 60 fields of study.
Primary source material for the study of American social, cultural, and popular history in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Primary sources including documents, films and oral histories themed around personal experiences, propaganda and recruitment, visual perspectives and narratives, and the global conflict.
The Forbes Archive provides full-text access to more than 2,500 issues ranging from 1917 to 2000.
Archival collection from the British Foreign Office focused on the political and social history of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Archival collection from the British Foreign Office focused on Japan: sections on Japanese Imperialism and the War in the Pacific, 1931-1945; Occupation of Japan, 1946-1952; and Japan and Great Power Status, 1919-1930.
Archival collection from the British Foreign Office focused on the Middle East in the 1970s.
The Fortune Magazine Archive provides full-text access to over 1,100 issues from 1930 to 2000.
Primary sources documenting the changing representations and lived experiences of gender roles and relations, like women's suffrage, the feminist movement, the men’s movement, employment, education, family and the body.
Documents recording the history of South Asia between the initial involvement of the East India Company and Indian and Pakistani independence.
The J. Walter Thompson Company advertising agency archives include brand case studies and account files about campaigns for Kellogg’s, Kodak, Kraft, Oscar Mayer, Pan Am, the US Marine Corps, and more.
Organizational and personal archival collections including rare printed books and pamphlets from the American Jewish Historical Society in New York.
Archival material from the travel agency Thomas Cook, a pioneer of package tourism. Includes periodicals such as the Excursionist magazine, personal accounts from travelers on early Cook’s tours, photographs, advertising brochures, guidebooks, posters and ephemeral items.
Collection of primary source documents related to the workings of the early book trade, the printing and publishing community, the establishment of legal requirements for copyright provisions and the history of bookbinding.
Primary sources like ballads, slang dictionaries, brothel guides and posters sold on the street during the 19th century in London.
Archival collection from the British National Archives focused on Harold Macmillan’s government and selected policy committees.
Personal diaries, surveys, questionnaires, photos and printed research done about everyday lives of ordinary British people.
Primary sources from Crimean War, the American Civil War and the First World War tell the story of medical advances during warfare, including the outbreak of the influenza epidemic in 1918 and the discovery of penicillin in 1927.
Offers streaming classical music videos that include over 1,600 films as well as many events broadcast live, with replays available for several weeks after the live events.
Letters from the British Paston, Stonor, Cely, Plumpton and Armburgh Papers reveal the world of medieval family, business, relationships, trade, politics and community.
Manuscripts from journeys to central Asia and the Far East by European ambassadors, missionaries, and merchants like Marco Polo, Prester John, Sir John Mandeville, and Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo.
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MedlinePlus is a public source of consumer health information provided by the National Library of Medicine.
Publications, papers, journals and diaries of Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925), a polymath notable for his work in natural history, ethnography and art history – but, perhaps most famous for his work in bringing Japan and the West closer together.
Manuscripts written or compiled by women in the British Isles during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Books and periodicals, archival material, and specially commissioned instructional videos about design concepts for a broad range of performance types, including dance, theatre, opera, and music.
Campaign materials, periodicals, propaganda, government records, oral histories, and ephemera from fringe political movements on the right and the left.
Advertising pamphlets, trade cards, posters and promotional work by commercial manufacturers of medical aids revealing trends such as phrenology, herbal medicine and hydrotherapy.
Primary sources on the fight for civil rights, including speeches, reports, surveys and analyses produced by the Fisk University Race Relations Department’s staff and Institute participants, including Charles S. Johnson, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., and Thurgood Marshall.
A-R Editions has published Recent Researches in Music—critical performing editions of music in seven series—since its inception in 1962.
Literary manuscripts, art, letters, diaries, maps and more from Romantic writers including Wordsworth, Coleridge, DeQuincey and more.
The story of World War II as told by the newspapers that brought information, entertainment and camaraderie to the forces at home and overseas. Explore over 200 titles from key nations across the globe that took part in the world-changing conflict.
Material from the performance and architectural archives of the modern reconstruction of Shakespeare’s 1599 Globe Theatre.
Social Explorer is an online research tool designed to provide quick and easy access to current and historical U.S. census data and demographic information.
This collection of films from the communist world reveals war, history, current affairs, culture and society as seen through the socialist lens. Covers countries such as the USSR, Vietnam, China, Korea, much of Eastern Europe, the GDR, Britain and Cuba.
Firsthand travel accounts of British tourists visiting Europe.
Archival collection from the British Foreign Office focused on the Nixon presidency and impeachment (FCO 7 and FCO 82).
Travel writing in manuscripts, diaries and correspondence as well as drawings, guidebooks and photographs.
Archival collection of the Ferrar Papers, 1590-1790, revealing details about the Atlantic world and early Colonial period.
Original documents from the National Archives on the suffrage question in Britain, the Empire and colonial territories.
Official records, monographs, publicity, artwork and artifacts about world’s fairs, exhibitions and expos.
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