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Getting Started with ArcGIS StoryMaps


When someone migrates from one place to another, arrows can be used to display the directionality of that journey, on a large scale. For a video on how to create an arrow, see below.

In Express Maps, there are 2 types of arrows: unidirectional and bidirectional. Both types of arrows can be found in the upper toolbar, shown below.

Select an arrow of your choice from the toolbar. To place an arrow on your map, you will click your mouse. With unidirectional arrows, the first time you click, it should be at the starting point, where the journey begins. The second time you click ends the arrow, where the journey ends. Once placed, a dot will appear in the middle of the arrow, allowing you to curve it.


Lines can be used to display a smaller-scale route, such as the path of a marathon. Lines can be drawn either using straight lines or with freehand. Both options can be found on the upper toolbar.

To draw a line (freehand or straight), you must click and hold your mouse. Once the path you want to create is completed, the left-hand sidebar will appear, allowing you to title, give details, and add photos to your created line.

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