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We Need To Talk : Tyler Merritt

Companion guide to the panel series, We Need To Talk, sponsored by the University Libraries and Greenspun College of Urban Affairs with livestreaming by UNLV TV.

Our Panelist

Tyler Merritt

Las Vegas Academy Alum. Theater Kid. Summer Camp Coat Wearer.

Dreadlocked Dapper Don. Funny and Fabulous.

Gracious As the Grace extended to him.

Actor. Activist. Author.



Who is Tyler Merrit?

As a 6'2" dreadlocked black man living in the South, Merritt is well aware of stereotypes and their potentially dangerous consequences. In response, Merritt has devoted his creativity to bringing his ethos of "Love. Learn. Create." to life through his words and videos as part of The Tyler Merritt Project.

Merritt takes his audiences along with him on a journey of contradictions: at turns both funny and sad, mysterious and relatable, commonplace and dangerous, he shines a light on "full-spectrum humanity" (The New York Times) that makes an impactful and relevant message. Merritt's emphasis on humility and connection provides an urgent roadmap during turbulent times, challenging audiences to see our differences as a unifying force for humankind and to "get to know me before you call the cops." ( Blurb via the 

Walking for those who no longer can

Tyler's #WeNeedToTalk Podcast Appearance w/ Malynda Hale

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