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We Need To Talk : Education

Companion guide to the panel series, We Need To Talk, sponsored by the University Libraries and Greenspun College of Urban Affairs with livestreaming by UNLV TV.

Our Panelists

Laurents Bañuelos-Benitez, Teacher, Mojave High School

Kenneth Brown, English Teacher, Sierra Vista High School

Iesha Jackson, Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning, UNLV College of Education

Kenneth J. Varner, Associate Professor, Literacy Education, UNLV College of Education

The P-12 to Higher Ed : Evening the Playing Field Or Different Fields Altogether?

What a whirlwind year it's been for educators across the country. Unfortunately, challenges associated with education, were regularly questioned before COVID-19 knocked on any of our doors. Educational inequality is an ever present problem in a country of 332 million, not surprisingly, but the ways that that inequality shows up is definitely impacted by where you live, what you have, and who you are.

The definition of educational inequality is: the unequal distribution of academic resources, including but not limited to; school funding, qualified and experienced teachers, books, and technologies to socially excluded communities. These communities tend to be historically disadvantaged and oppressed.



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