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We Need To Talk : Introduction -- Terms

Companion guide to the panel series, We Need To Talk, sponsored by the University Libraries and Greenspun College of Urban Affairs with livestreaming by UNLV TV.

Our Panelists

Kevin Wright, African American Program Coordinator

Brenda Williams, Community Member

Dr. A.B. Wilkinson, Associate Professor, History  

Systemic Racism 101

Defining concepts of institutional racism, systemic racism and white supremacy within a historical context. This panel will also examine and provide case studies drawn from the history of the Black community in Las Vegas.

Books Tackling Race Relations in Las Vegas

"Racism takes several forms and works most often in tandem with at least one other form to reinforce racist ideas, behavior, and policy. Types of racism are: Individual racism...interpersonal racism...institutional racism...structural racism...No one is born racist or antiracist; these result from the choices we make."

Special Thanks To Our Panelists

News, Magazine, & Internet Sources

Statistics You Don't Need to Be a Rocket Scientist to Decipher

Ways To Talk About Anti Blackness In Classroom -- Yes, Higher Education is an Institution!

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