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How to create and use a Mendeley account at UNLV.

Mendeley 101 Citation Management Workshop Materials

Install the Mendeley Cite - MS Word Add-In

(Content in this box supplements slide 19 in the Mendeley 101 Citation Management slide deck)

To install the MS Word add in (Mendeley Cite), from your Mendeley Reference Manager, in the Tools Menu, choose the Install Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word option:

screenshot of the Mendeley Reference Manager software showing the Tools Menu drop down options with the "Install Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word" option highlighted.



When installed the Cite add in will appear as below on Microsoft Word's References menu:

A simplified view of the Microsoft Word "References" menu with the Mendeley logo highlighted and the words "Cite with Mendeley".


September 15, 2020 update for UNLV students:  

The UNLV Office of Information Technology is aware of and working to resolve occasional issues with add in installation for student account in MS Office.  Here is potential temporary workaround - 

 A work around to get this add on would be for the student to is sign-off with the Microsoft account, have them sign-on with a personal free Microsoft account, and you'll be able to access the store to add the plugin. Once the plugin is added, they can sign out of personal and back into the  Microsoft account, where the plugin should remain.  

The Mendeley support website also has an entry describing a similar workaround.

Learn more about the Mendeley Cite add in

(Content in this box supplements slides 19-25 in the Mendeley 101 Citation Management slide deck)

Removing the links to your Mendeley library when your document is ready to submit

When you are submitting your paper to an instructor or an editor/publisher, it is best to give them a copy that is "flattened", or in other words has the links to your Mendeley library removed.  The in text citation and bibliography then becomes simple text that you can hand edit.  This support document on the Mendeley support website has instructions to flatten a Microsoft Word document for both PC and Mac users. 

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