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How to create and use a Mendeley account at UNLV.

Welcome to Mendeley Reference Manager

Welcome to the UNLV guide for Mendeley users. 

Mendeley is a citation management software tool that helps you organize the information that you use in your own writing, generate draft citations and references lists or bibliographies, and has many other useful features for academic researchers and writers. 

Here you will find links to Elsevier's Mendeley support webpages, as well as quick tutorials and tips on how you might use Mendeley to improve your literature searching, evaluation, writing, and citation practices. You can also check out the collaboration and networking features that Mendeley offers. 

This page of the guide focuses on getting started with a new Mendeley account. Other tabs on this guide focus on all the functions and features of Mendeley, and ways to get help using Mendeley.  

If you are affiliated with UNLV (student or employee) you are eligible for more storage.  Please use your UNLV email to sign up for Mendeley, or contact Sue Wainscott from your UNLV email with your Mendeley account, to be upgraded to UNLV's Mendeley Institution Edition

In September 2020, Elsevier began the migration from the older (legacy) Mendeley Desktop and Cite-o-Matic system to the new Mendeley Reference Manager and Mendeley Cite system.  This guide focuses on the newer system, and a Migration tab is available for those who are interested in switching from Desktop to Reference Manager.  

You are welcome to request one-on-one help from Sue Wainscott, Engineering Librarian and Mendeley user, at any time.  Look for my Engineering Librarian box with picture at the bottom of this page for all the ways to contact me. 

Spring 2021 Mendeley Workshops

The UNLV Libraries are offering several citation management related workshops during the spring 2021 semester. Several are focused on the Mendeley citation management system. You may view the times, read descriptions of each workshop, and register to attend on our workshops webpage


Mendeley is a reference manager, academic collaboration network and crowdsourced database with a unique layer of social information research. Mendeley Reference Manager is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. The Mendeley web version functions in most internet browsers. Mobile versions of Mendeley are available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. 

1. Sign up for a Mendeley account 

Use your official UNLV email in your Mendeley account preferences to get upgraded storage and other features through our campus-wide subscription.  

2. Go to the Mendeley Reference Manager page

screenshot of the Mendeley Reference Manager download page

screenshot of the Mendeley Reference Manager download button with list of supported operating systems

3. Download Mendeley Cite

Also on the Mendeley Reference Manager download page, there is a link to Get Mendeley Cite that will reflect the operating system of your computer.  

screenshot of the Get Mendeley Cite link for Windows operating systems

Please check the Mendeley Cite tab in this guide for more detailed Cite installation instructions. 

4. Download the Web Importer

You will see a download button that reflects the web browser you are currently using.  Follow the instructions to install the Web Importer tool. 

UNLV Mendeley Institution Edition - get more storage and groups

UNLV students and employees are eligible to get 100Gb of storage and the ability to create more groups than available with a free Mendeley account. You should automatically be enrolled in the UNLV Institutional Edition if you sign up for Mendeley while on the campus network, or if you use your UNLV student or employee email to register for Mendeley. 

If you don't receive an upgrade email message like the one below, please contact Sue Wainscott and provide your UNLV student or employee email address. 


screenshot of email message confirming your account is part of UNLV's Institutional subscription

Engineering Librarian

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Sue Wainscott, Engineering Librarian

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