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How to create and use a Mendeley account at UNLV.

Using Mendeley data and annotations to sort and search within your library

Some, but not all, of your library entry data can be searched within your Mendeley Reference Manager library.  

The following are searchable within your Mendeley library (including when within collections, folders and groups.)

  • Each entry's citation information (the metadata fields, such as title and authors
  • The Notes field, which you can modify for each entry within the legacy Mendeley Desktop software system

The following are NOT searchable within your Mendeley Reference Manager library

  • Abstract
  • Tags, which you can enter within the details tab for each of your library entries
  • PDF or other file text
  • Attached file names
  • Sticky note comments made on attached PDF files
  • Notebook entries within the newer Mendeley Reference Manager software system (As of November 5, 2020)
  • Group, collection, and folder names


Annotating attached PDF files and using the Notebook in Mendeley Reference Manager

The newer downloadable software tool from Mendeley, Reference Manager, has an annotation feature (Notebook) that allows you to collect your notes and highlighted text (quotations) from multiple items in your Mendeley library.  Check the support page for the latest Notebook and other annotation features.

screenshot of the Mendeley Reference Manager software, a folder view, with one reference selected and the Notebook view open.  The Notebook shows typed entry annotations and highlghted text from multiple papers with each linked to the original citation in quotation boxes.

Highlight and annotate attached PDF files, and using the Notebook feature

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