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Scholarly Communication at UNLV

This guide is for UNLV University Libraries faculty and staff. It provides resources and an overview of scholarly communication services are at UNLV, including specific resources for library liaisons.

What is Scholarly Communication?

Scholarly Communication encompasses the scholarly research lifecycle from research to publication. Each stage of this process is affected by decisions made at previous stages, and ultimately effects how faculty and graduate research is disseminated and used. As a liaison librarian, you should be familiar with each stage of the research lifecycle, but also the related issues such as copyright, author rights, research data management and storage, publishing, open access, and digital archiving

The Scholarly Communication Initiatives department provides expertise and high-level support to UNLV scholars throughout the research lifecycle. Current initiatives of this dynamic and growing department include the education and expansion of open access options to UNLV researchers, positioning the institutional repository, Digital Scholarship@UNLV, as a central component of UNLV’s information management ecosystem, supporting and educating UNLV researchers and administrators in their use of impact metric tools, and assisting researchers in managing their online identities and reputation. This guide can help serve as a starting point, and will provide more information about the SCI team and the services they offer to faculty and graduate students.

Scholarly Communication Services at UNLV Libraries

The Scholarly Communication Initiatives (SCI) department at the University Libraries has knowledgeable experts to help you become familiar with this process and discuss these issues with faculty members. Our mission is to inform, educate, and support our campus partners so that our scholars can make the best decisions regarding the creation, sharing, and use of scholarly research. We offer a number of services for faculty to take advantage of, which are briefly described below along with a link to their specific guides which offer more information.  

Need funding to help pay for article processing charges? This new pilot project funded by the UNLV Libraries and the Library Advisory Board has allocated $30,000 to help make UNLV publications openly accessible. Learn more:

Need help making sure your scholarly work is properly attributed to you and not that other John Smith? ORCID can help you with that, and we can help you set up your ID. Learn more:

Need to store and share your data?  Our data publication services pilot can be your solution.  Through these services, your data will: have a DOI assigned to it, metadata describing your data set, and up to 50GB of storage.  Learn more:

This project is a showcase and record of UNLV scholarship and creative work. When available, we also provide the full-text, open access version of the work. At any time, faculty can add full-text to any citation listed. Learn more:  


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Authorship of this Guide

This guide has content created by Andrea Wirth, Scholarly Communications Librarian, and Christina Miskey, Citation & Bibliography Assistant.

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