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CEE 498 Senior Design & CEM 456 Capstone (James): Site Data and Materials Information

Resources to support CEM 456 & CEE 498 students

Searching for government information

Local, federal, and global organizations such as government agencies or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be valuable sources of original data, codes and regulations, and research reports.  This information is often provided on their websites, which are sometimes organized differently than you might expect.  Pages with useful information may be organized by major initiatives or funding sources, or the organization of the website may reflect the past staffing or organization charts of the organization. Some agencies, like the US Department of Transportation, have major databases containing project and data that might not be visible to internet search engines like Google. In short, you may need to hunt around a bit and rely less on the internal search tools of these websites. 

This course guide provides some quick links to frequently used information to get you started. 

Traffic-Related Nevada Data Sources

General Data Resources

GIS Geographic Information Systems and Georeferenced Data

Site and Environmental Information

Products and Materials Information

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