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Brain Health


SRII describes brain as "Making sure that athletes’ brains are safe during play and remain healthy throughout their lives is crucial to look into. Research and innovation in this field is far reaching, but some of the topics include brain injuries, long term effects of different sports on the brain, and different types of equipment for different sports."


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Recommended Resources

Brain Health

Image source: Cleveland Clinic 

Additional resources to support learning about brain health are available online. 

Read more about the Cleveland Clinic and their 6 pillars of brain health. While brain health is an element of sports performance and sport health. The Cleveland Clinic offers 6 pillars of how one may maintain a healthy brain.

Las Vegas Cleveland Clinic offers a brain injury clinic for professional athletes. 

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health offers treatment and support for brain health. 


Streaming Media Resources

The UNLV University Libraries subscribes to a wide range of streaming media sources that may aid you in your research related to brain health. These resources listed below are intended to assist you with your research. 

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