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School of Medicine Library Collections

Details on the UNLV School of Medicine Library collections budget.

Part 3: Databases and Journals Review

SOML and Lied Library will put together a final list of databases and journals for cancellation. This list will be made available as as a series of spreadsheets with an accompanying Qualtrics form to gather input from faculty on resources deemed eligible for cancellation. Publication of the final list based on faculty feedback will be included here.

The review will take place from May 1st - June 30th, 2023.

Initial Lists for Review

How to Provide Feedback

Download the spreadsheets to review the resources and determine whether to "Keep", "Remove", or mark as "Not Applicable". Once you have determined each selection, select the link below to fill out the Qualtrics Survey:


Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with my feedback?
Your feedback will be used to determine whether this resource should remain in the collection or be cancelled for FY24. Please note that current rising costs require us to significantly consider a large number of resources. If the resource impacts curriculular needs for your program, please let us know.

When will cancellations occur?

The cancellation dates will vary, but campus will continue to have access to most of the journals and databases until late Fall 2023.  The date of cancellation for each journal and database is listed in the spreadsheets.  Please note that for most journals, UNLV has archival rights, so the University will not lose access to back issues of most journals.  In addition, the Libraries’  Interlibrary Loan department facilitates electronic delivery of needed journal articles from outside our collections within 24-48 hours from request.

Who to Contact?

Aidy Weeks, Director, School of Medicine Library
Phone: 702-545-2080

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