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School of Medicine Library Collections

Details on the UNLV School of Medicine Library collections budget.


Since its opening in 2017, the School of Medicine Library (formerly, Health Sciences Library) had not undergone a review and resource cancellation project. The FY23 Collection Cancellation Project will assess the existing School of Medicine Library Collections and review scope, usage, curricular mapping and research needs to determine which resources will be maintained and which ones will be canceled.

By reducing library resources that are no longer supporting the needs of Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV , the library hopes to better map resources to the curriculum, research and scholarship needs of Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV , have more dollars to help address inflation costs (4.5-7% annual increase), and pool together an OA Funding source benefiting the School of Medicine. This cancellation project will take place starting in Spring 2022 through Summer 2023.

Part 1: Re-Allocation of SOML Resources to Lied Library Budget

  • The Head of Continuing Resources for Lied Library and the SOML Director will put together a spreadsheet of resources to review in March 2022 to determine which items need to be reallocated to the Lied Library Budget and which ones can be split between both collections budgets due to overlap in health disciplines.
  • For large journal packages, a note will indicate that a split payment will be made with SOML and Lied Library. Splits will be based on the list of journal titles. The split percentages will vary. 
  • Resources re-allocated to Lied Library will take place in FY2023 and FY2024.
  • Re-allocation will also include cost-sharing of library resources between both library budgets.

Part 2: Usage Review of Low Usage Resources

SOML and Lied Library will work on a usage report and share with School Administration to gather recommendations for resource cancellations.

As of FY23, the following resources have been canceled: Mango Languages, USMLE Easy, Lexicomp. Total Savings: $23,887.54


Who to Contact?

Aidy Weeks, Director, School of Medicine Library
Phone: 702-545-2080

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