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Data Visualization: Infographics

“Infographics are visual representations of information, data, and knowledge meant to communicate information quickly and with ease.”

Platforms for Creating Infographics (Free Membership Available)

Paid Platforms for Creating Infographics (Student Membership Available)

Below is a list of UNLV Libraries infographic asynchronous resources

Infographics Designers' Sketchbooks

InInfographic Designers' Sketchbooks, more than fifty of the world's leading graphic designers and illustrators open up their private sketchbooks to offer a rare glimpse of their creative processes. Emphasizing idea-generating methods--from doodles and drawings to three-dimensional and digital mock-ups--this revelatory collection is the first to go inside designers' studios to reveal the art and craft behind infographic design.

Cool Infographics

This innovative book presents the design process and the best software tools for creating infographics that communicate. Including a special section on how to construct the increasingly popular infographic resume, the book offers graphic designers, marketers, and business professionals vital information on the most effective ways to present data.

Infographics for Dummies

Create stunning infographics with this hands-on guide. Infographics For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to creating data visualization with viral appeal.

Joyful Infographics: a friendly, human approach to data

Written in non-academic, easy-to-understand language, and with historical and contemporary visual examples presented throughout, this small book provides a short history of light-hearted graphics. The text outlines nine clear ways to make graphics more understandable, explores the importance of the audience, shows you how to make information come alive during presentations through live-action 'performance' graphics, discusses why joy and smiling are good for you, and shows you how not to overdo it.

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