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Data Visualization: Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

No workshops are being offered this month. Please look at the Workshop List for a complete list of available presentations that are offered by request.

Workshop Requests

To request a workshop, email with subject line: Workshop Request. If you don't see a workshop you need, feel free to request a special workshop. Our Specialist will try their best to craft a workshop to fit your needs. Workshops should have a minimum of three confirmed participants and must be scheduled 3 weeks in advance.

Workshops List

This workshop is perfect for undergraduates with limited or no research presentation experience. In the workshop we will go through the steps of good storytelling and participants will learn what resources are available to aid in the execution of their presentation. This workshop is tailored towards the research interests of the audience.

Workshop Estimated Time: 30 minutes

This workshop is for people with no coding experience. In this workshop participants will learn what Python is and how it compares to other computer programming languages. Then participants will create and customize their own bar graphs using python.

Workshop Estimated Time: 1 hour

In this workshop participants will learn how to detect and defend against visual misinformation by understanding how people can accidentally or purposefully misrepresent data. Originally created for Rebel Ready Week 2023, the workshop can be adapted to fit the needs of your group.

Workshop Estimated Time: 1 hour

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