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Asian, Pacific Islander, & Middle Eastern (APIME) Heritage Month Resources: Research Starting Points & Search Strategies

Resources focusing on APIME cultures.

Starting Your APIME Research

Keyword Search Strategies

When books and articles were written and cataloged in the past, terms were used that we now would consider somewhat outdated. Remember, to make certain you are searching comprehensively, it is sometimes necessary to use terms that were commonplace in the past. Below are some examples of keywords to search when using the library catalog or the research databases.

Asian Americans

Pacific Islander Americans


Pacific Islanders

Middle Eastern

Middle East Oceania Researching by country, such as: 


You may want to consider combining keywords to narrow your search. 

  • Asians AND mental health
  • Pacific Islanders AND higher education
  • Middle East AND culture

You can also broaden your search by adding OR between the keywords or phrases:

  • Asian OR Chinese
  • Pacific Islands OR Oceania
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