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Racism in Medicine and Healthcare

A guide to anti-racist resources at UNLV and beyond to promote racial and ethnic equity in medicine and healthcare

Books on Anti-Black Racism

All of the resources in this section are available online as an eBook or physically in at least one of the UNLV Libraries locations.

If a book is listed as being located in a different campus library, you can request the item be sent to the School of Medicine Library. Login to the library system with your ACE account and click on the "get it" link and choose which library to deliver the book to.

Racism in Medicine & Healthcare
(In no particular order)

Anti-Racism Reading

Racism in U.S. History

Systemic Racism in the U.S.

Black Physician Authors

The School of Medicine Library has a collection of Medical Humanities books that include the following titles by Black physicians.

Reading Lists

This section contains more extensive reading lists, which are typically more generally focused on racism and anti-blackness in American history and society. The UNLV Libraries may have some of the titles and articles available in our collection, and the Clark County Las Vegas Library District, North Las Vegas Libraries or Henderson Libraries may also have access. 

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