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Racism in Medicine and Healthcare

A guide to anti-racist resources at UNLV and beyond to promote racial and ethnic equity in medicine and healthcare

Articles & Editorials


The following are a small but impactful selection of articles and editorials discussing racism and allyship.

Racism in Dentistry


There are fewer resources available for exploring racism in dentistry, but the following are a small collection of articles and articles that speak to the issues.

Searching for Scholarly Articles

undefinedA simple search string can help uncover more articles and research evidence on racism in medicine and healthcare. Here's a suggestion for a search in any of the Health Sciences Library databases such as Embase, CINAHL, or Clinical Key:


(discrimination OR racism OR oppression OR bias) AND (medicine OR health OR "medical research")

Example Lists of Results:

Selected Articles

Curricula & Training


The following links are to resources that aim to assist in educating about the history and impact of racism, as well as how to begin working on anti-racism within yourself and your community.



** Anti-Racism Summer Reading Program from UW School of Medicine **

If you would like to start somewhere, this reading program was developed by medical students at the University of Washington and the curriculum is being freely shared via the following link. Over 100 medical schools have contacted the lead students for copies of the program to implement at their own institutions.

Videos & Podcasts


 Available on a combination of free and subscription service platforms.




Look for these podcasts on your favorite streaming app.



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