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Racism in Medicine and Healthcare

A guide to anti-racist resources at UNLV and beyond to promote racial and ethnic equity in medicine and healthcare

Land Acknowledgment

UNLV University Libraries recognizes that UNLV sits on the unceded land of the Southern Paiutes, descendants of the Tudinu, or Desert People,  who have lived along the Colorado River since 1100 A.D. and extended north and west into the areas known today as Southern Nevada, Utah, and California. UNLV also acknowledges that the University and members of the UNLV community has, and continues to, benefit from the use of Southern Paiute land.  As one of the most diverse universities in the United States, UNLV University Libraries believes it is important to recognize the use of Southern Paiute land as part of its mission to be a welcoming and inclusive place for learning.

To learn more about the history and culture of the Southern Paiute, visit the Southern Paiute Consortium website and explore the National Park Service’s Southern Paiute Cultural History Guide. Genocide and violence against indigenous people across North America continue to leave a negative legacy, including a tragically high rate of youth suicide. Consider learning more and contributing to efforts to end American Indian suicide by visiting the Indian Health Services' Suicide Prevention and Care Program website. 


Explore the books below to learn about healthcare and health care disparities among Indigenous populations in the United States and around the world. All of these resources are available online (eBook) or physically in at least one of the UNLV Libraries locations.

If a book is listed as being located in a different campus library, you can click on the title and request the item be sent to the HSL. You will need to sign in to the library system with your ACE Account to see the "get it" option to have the book delivered.

ALERT: Lied Library will reopen for limited services August 10th. Please check the UNLV Libraries Hours page to see hours for Lied and branch libraries.

Video Resources

Browse the following video resources to learn about a variety of topics such as how racism impacts Indigenous health care. For videos available through Kanopy, access Kanopy by signing in with your ACE account after clicking the link.


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