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Provides tools for finding resources and services that will assist students with writing research papers within the geological sciences.

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Locate books and other materials owned by the University Libraries. Quick Search will tell you the location of the book in the Libraries and the call number.  E-books are also listed.


Subclass Call Number Range Topic or Subject of Interest
QE 1 - 350 General Geology, including Geographical Divisions
QE 351 - 399 Mineralogy
QE 420 - 499 Petrology
QE 520 - 545 Volcanoes and Earthquakes
QE 601 - 639 Structural Geology
QE 640 -699 Stratigraphy
QE 701 - 760 Paleontology
QE 761 -899 Paleozoology
QE 901 - 996 Paleobotany



Earth's Interior / Mineralogy

Economic Geology

  • The Encyclopedia of Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics
    Ref QE601 E53 1987
  • Global Earth Physics: a Handbook of Physical Constants
    Ref QC808.8 G56 1995
  • Handbook of Physical Properties of Rocks
    Ref QE431.6 P5 H36 1982
  • Rock Physics and Phase Relations: a Handbook of Physical Constants
    Ref QE433.8 R63 1995
  • The Encyclopedia of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
    Ref QE461 E56 1990
  • The Encyclopedia of Mineralogy
    Ref QE355 E49 1981
  • Mineral Physics and Crystallography: a Handbook of Physical Constants
    Ref QE366.8 M55 1995
  • Hey's Mineral Index: Mineral Species, Varieties and Synonyms
    Ref QE357 C53 1993
  • Earth's Surface and Near Surface
  • World Atlas of Geomorphic Features
    Ref G1046 C2 S6 1980
  • World Atlas of Desertification
    Ref G1046 J4 M5 1997
  • Encyclopedia of Deserts
    Ref GB611 E65 1999
  • The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Physical Geography
    Ref GB10 E53 1994
  • Encyclopedia of Sedimentology(1978)
    Ref QE 471 E49
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics
    Ref TN269 S524 1991
  • Handbook of Exploration Geophysics
    Ref TN269 C43413 1992
  • Dictionary of Metallurgy
    Ref TN609 B76 1998

  • McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
    20 vols. Ref Q121 M3 1997
  • Larousse Dictionary of Science and Technology
    Ref Q123 L37 1995
  • McGraw Hill Dictionary of Earth Science
    Ref QE5 M364 1997
  • Concise Oxford Dictionary of Earth Sciences
    Ref QE5 C66 1990
  • McGill's Survey of Science: Earth Science Series
    Ref QE28 M33 1990
  • The Encyclopedia of the Solid Earth Sciences
    Ref QE5 E517 1993
  • Sciences of the Earth: An Encyclopedia of Events, People and Phenomena
    Ref QE11 S38 1998
  • The Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics
    Ref QE501 E58 1989
    International Dictionary of Geophysics. (1967)
    Ref QC801.9 I5

  • Glossary of Hydrology
    Ref GB655 L6 1992
  • Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water
    Ref GB655 E53 1998
Maps / GIS
  • International GIS Dictionary
    Ref G70.212 M33 1995
  • The Remote Sensing Data Book
    Ref G70.4 R435 1999
  • The Young Oxford Companion to Maps and Mapmaking​
    Ref GA102 S74 1994
  • The Encyclopedia of Paleontology
    Ref QE703 E53 1999
  • Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia
    Ref QE 862 D5 G652 1997

Weather and Climate

  • Dictionary of Global Climate Change
    Ref QC981.8 C5 M38 1992
  • Glossary of Weather and Climate: with Related Oceanic and Hydrologic Terms
    Ref QC854 G56 1996
  • Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather
    Ref QC854 E523 1996
  • Weather America
    Ref QC983 W385 1996
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