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GIS: GeoDa

This guide is a space for all spatial data and GIS information at UNLV.

Below is a list of GeoDa asynchronous resources.

GIS: Research Methods

This book provides a non-technical overview of the science and tools behind geographic information systems and geographic information science for researchers, students and academics who do not have a GIS or Geography background. A variety of different GIS methods including Google Maps, GPS, big data, context and choropleth maps are discussed and the pros and cons of each are highlighted allowing you to choose the appropriate method or piece of software for your own research. This is the ideal book for anyone thinking about using GIS in their own research.

Open Source Geospatial Science for Urban Studies

This book is mainly focused on two themes: transportation and smart city applications. Open geospatial science and technology is an increasingly important paradigm that offers the opportunity to promote the democratization of geographical information, the transparency of governments and institutions, as well as social, economic and urban opportunities. The vision of this book is to enrich the existing literature on this topic, and act one step towards more sustainable cities through employment of open source GIS solutions that are reproducible.

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