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This guide is intended for faculty and student researchers. It contains information about the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) registry, including how to get, use, and connect your ORCID iD.

ORCID for Health Sciences

More and more journals and grants are requiring an ORCID iD. If you want to learn more or create one, check out the Getting Started with ORCID and Using ORCID pages. If you're interested in how ORCID can be used in the Health Sciences, read on!

How can you use your ORCID account?

  1. Connect your ORCID account to PubMed. ORCID's Search & Link wizards allow you to import data about publications from databases such as PubMed. Once you start using your ORCID iD with your publications PubMed will automatically update your ORCID account. Take a look at our Using Orcid page for more info.
  2. Set up your NCBI account to sign in with ORCID. Take a look below to find out more.
  3. Import ORCID citations into SciENcv. Take a look below to find out more.  

Check out this NCBI Minute video on PubMed Tools and ORCID ID's for Authors.

Tutorial Videos

For more information please check out this guide from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the My NCBI Help page about SciENcv, or watch the videos below.

ORCID & SciENcv Tutorial from ORCID on YouTube.


SciENcv: Integrating with ORCID from NCBI on YouTube.

Sign in to NCBI with ORCID

Link ORCID and My NCBI in four easy steps!

1.  Go to My NCBI. Then click on "See more 3rd party sign in options."


2. Search for ORCID in the Partner Accounts section and click the link.


3. Log into your ORCID account (if you are not already logged in), and click the Authorize button to give NCBI permission to read your ORCID record.


4. Now you can sign into your existing My NCBI account OR create a new My NCBI account by choosing a username and entering your email address.


Using ORCID with SciENcv

Using ORCID with SciENcv

Click Manage SciENcv in the SciENcv section.

Click to edit your Mini Profile and add your ORCID iD. (Skip this step if you've already linked ORCID to My NCBI.)

Click on the link in the SciENcv box to create a new CV.

Give your Biosketch a name, choose the format you need, then choose ORCID as the External source.

After you have created the BioSketch, biographical information will be automatically imported, and you can import citations from ORCID. For example, in the Personal Statement section click on "Select citations", choose the ORCID tab, select the citations you want added and then click "Save citations".


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