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CSIEME Program: Job Searching and Interviewing

Library guide in support of the CSIEME Program in the College of Education

Spring 2019 Session Outline

Jenna Heath, Lead Career Counselor, UNLV Career Services

  • Job search overview
  • Résumé to CV development (Master’s & Doctoral level support for developing CV (i.e., how to convert a Résumé to CV)
    • Telling your story
  • Cover letters
    • Telling your story
  • Career Services has samples of resumes and cover letters and tips for writing
  • Preparing for interviews (phone, skype, face-to-face)
    • Telling your story
  • Interview questions examples
  • Reference questions examples

Samantha Godbey, Education Librarian

  • Resources for free images and citing images
  • Calendaring for job searches (applications, rejections, no notice, interviews (remote/campus), offers, acceptance) 
  • Long-term planning/organization strategies
  • CV annotation, publications and grants

Images for Your Presentations

Good sources for free images:

Citing images in a Presentation:

  • If the image is your own, no need to cite. Otherwise, cite the source! (Notable exception, PowerPoint clip art, but be careful about searching for additional images outside of PPT.
  • Provide credit by acknowledging who created the image and where you retrieved it from. This can go on the slide where you use it, or on a slide at the very end of a presentation.  E.g., AwesomeImage created by SomeoneAwesome, Retrieved from URL.
  • If it has a Creative Commons license, here is an ideal citation (see here for more information):

If you need to cite an image in APA Style, there are rules for that, too.

  • Be sure to include a caption for the image in the text, and also add it to your References List.
  • The APA Style Blog has a helpful series on Navigating copyright for Reproduced Images. If you are re-using something that is covered by copyright see here.
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