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Research: Search Strategies

This guide is designed to help you get started using the UNLV Libraries.

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Search Strategies

Search Strategies

Use search strategies to help you find information in the  UNLV Libraries databases.

  • Use keywords instead of full sentences or questions
    • food safety pesticides
    • childhood obesity
  • Use quotes around phrases
    • "nutrition labeling"
    • "nutritional supplements"
  • Combine terms with AND
    • "fast food" AND obesity 
    • children AND "food dye" AND behavior
  • Find synonyms and related terms
    • nutrition
      • diet, nutrients, food, sustenance, macronutrients, micronutrients, food systems, sustainability


Write down your research question and circle the main ideas.

image of research question with keywords circled

Think about different ways to say each main idea.  Combine the ideas together using AND. Place quotations around phrases.

Library Search Ideas 

consumption AND “animal products” AND “greenhouse gas emissions”

“meat consumption” AND “climate change”

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