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Bibliometrics and Altmetrics

This guide was created to help UNLV researchers navigate bibliometrics and altmetrics when trying to evaluate journals for publication or indicate their scholarship's impact.

Other Metrics

Metrics don't necessarily have to be limited to measuring the impact of journal articles. The resources on this page will provide some information about other types of metrics that are available, or newly emerging and can be explored. Keep in mind that new metrics (those in use less than 5 - 10 years, depending on what its attempting to measure) are unproven and will need further study to determine whether they are a useful measure of scholarly impact.


Dimensions is a database that was developed by Digital Science, which tracks research grants, publications, clinical trials, policy documents, and patents to help researchers explore the connections between various research outputs. Dimensions uses a variety of sources to produce complex analysis of research through the entire lifecycle.

Users can view Altmetric attention scores, and view analytics that track trends in funding, publications, and policy documents along with their citations and more. More advanced users can utilize an API that produces complex visualizations of data from Dimensions. The database caters to science and medical fields, though it is working on expanding in other areas.

UNLV researchers can access Dimensions by going to the University Libraries A to Z Database listing, or click here and log in with their ACE credentials.

Metrics for the Humanities

Disciplines in the Humanities (such as Film, History, Philosophy, Literature and English Students, and Social Sciences) often produce scholarly work in other formats. For more detailed information on tracking scholarly impact in the Humanities, please visit our Tracking Scholarship in the Humanities libguide.

New Metrics Tools

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