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E-books at UNLV Libraries

Ebook Types and Definitions

UNLV Libraries provides access to e-books using two different business models.  The first model used to provide access to e-books is a Demand-Driven Acquisitions service which allows the UNLV Libraries to make e-books accessible to patrons prior to purchasing.  UNLV Libraries is not charged a fee until the e-books is used by a patron.  In most cases, the Libraries pays a short-term loan fee for the first two uses and on the third use, the ebooks is triggered for purchase.  The second model is outright purchase of an ebook.

The UNLV Libraries purchases e-books from a variety of publishers and vendors in the library marketplace.  The publishers and vendors have various e-book models and the licenses signed by the Libraries may result in differences in how students, faculty and staff can use, download and print sections of e-books.

Single-user (SUPO): Ebooks licensed as SUPO can only be accessed by one user at a time. If the ebook is being accessed by another user, you may see a message "All available copies are currently in use.  Please try again later."  Faculty who assign ebooks for a class are encouraged to check with their Liaison Librarian for help in identifying if an ebook is a Single-user model.  

3-user: Ebooks licensed under this model allows simultaneous access for 3 users at a time. 

Multi-user, MUPO: Ebooks licnesed under this model allows any number of users to read, use and download an e-book at the same time.  

Non-Linear: Provides multiple concurrent accesses to the e-book and allows up to 325 uses per year.

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