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Black History Month Resources: Afro-Latinx Resources

Welcome to the Black History Month Resource Guide: In honor of February being Black History Month, we are highlighting a number of African American resources that are available through UNLV Libraries, in addition to a variety of web resources.



Basic Information on the Afro-Latino Culture

The term Afro-Latino was adopted as a response to the invisibility of Latin American and Caribbean blacks while discussing issues of ethnicity. Below are some useful resources to learn more about Afro-Latinos.

Starting Your Afro-Latino Research

When searching for books or articles, consider the following terms to find materials in your topic:

  • Afro-Latino
  • Afro-Latin@
  • Afro-Latin American
  • Afro-Hispanic
  • Black Hispanic
  • Black Latino
  • Afro or Black [ethnic/national group]
    • Black Puerto Rican
    • Afro- Cuban



Afro-Latino Book Resources

Research Databases

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