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Genealogy Guide

This is a guide to resources at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries that may be of use to genealogists.

Dictionaries & encylopedias

Print Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


Ancestry’s Concise Genealogical Dictionary

        Call number: CS6 H37 1989

Helps genealogical researcher understand legal, medical, and governmental terms.  Includes brief definitions and obsolete terms.


A Dictionary of British Surnames

        Call number: CS2385 R39 1976

        Explains the variant spelling of surnames and their derivations.  We also own:

A Dictionary of English Surnames

Call number: CS2505 R39 1997


Dictionary of Genealogy

Call number: CS6 F58 1985

Entries range from ancient to modern terminology.


The Handy Book for Genealogists

Call number: LASR CS47 E9 1965

Lists of county records with starting dates for each county and maps of all states with county boundaries.


We also have:

The Handy Book for Genealogists : United States of America

Call number: CS47 .H36 2006


 The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy

Call number: CS21 E53 1991 V.1

Gives an in-depth look at Jewish genealogical resources in the U.S. and Canada


Subject Guide

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