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MUS 125: History of Rock and Roll: Creating a Bibliography

This guide provides information about the UNLV Libraries and resources for finding information about rock and roll.

Information for your Bibliography

A source provided by the UNLV Libraries called Refworks can help you collect and format your bibliography.

There are different types of styles for creating a bibliography. Three of the most common styles are MLA, APA, and the Chicago Manual of Style. Regardless of style, there are certain types of information you will need. The information that you should have when you prepare your bibliography include:

  • Author(s) of book, article, website, or review. In the case of recordings, you should have the artist's name or the name of the group. In the case of photographs, you should make an effort to get the name of the photographer.
  • Title of book, article, review, or recording. For articles and reviews, you will also need the name of the journal, magazine, or newspaper. In the case of photographs, you will also need a title, but in many instances, a title isn't given. You should provide a descriptive title (i.e., "Photo of Beatles in 1964") and put the provided title in brackets.
  • For books, you will need the place of publication, the publisher, and the date. 
  • For articles and reviews, you will need the date of publication and page numbers that the article or review appears on.
  • For recordings, you will need the label, date, and, in the case of compact discs, the "catalog number" that appears on the CD itself.
  • If the source you are using is online, you will need the date that you accessed the source and the url. 

Citation Examples Using Chicago Style

These are samples of how various types of materials would look in a bibliography in the Chicago/Turabian style. For more examples, see this guide: Purdue OWL - Chicago Manual of Style.


Barnard, Stephen. The Rolling Stones: Street Fighting Years. New York: BDD Illustrated Books, 1993.


Article (notice that the article title is in quotes, while the journal title is italicized)

Brennan, Matt."Down Beats and Rolling Stones: The American Jazz Press Decides to Cover Rock Music in 1967." Popular Music History 1, no. 3 (Dec. 2006): 263-83.


Online Article

Hellmann, John M. "'I'm a Monkey': The Influence of the Black American Argot on the Rolling Stones." The Journal of American Folklore 86, no. 342 (Oct.-Dec. 1973): 367-73, (accessed June 10, 2010).


Compact Disc

Rolling Stones. Beggar's Banquet."  ABKCO B00006AW2J, 2002.

Additional Style Guides



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