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A guide to art resources at the UNLV Libraries.

Finding Art Materials

You can search the Quick Search by Subject. This is not an exhaustive list of art subject headings. As you find items relevant to your research, take note of the subject headings listed. Using those will help you find similar relevant materials. Some useful subjects include:

  • Art
  • Art -- Ancient
  • Art -- History
  • Art -- Medieval
  • Art -- Modern
  • Art and technology
  • Art appreciation
  • Art criticism
  • Art objects
  • Commercial art
  • Decorative arts
  • Drawing
  • Folk art
  • Gender identity in art
  • Graphic arts
  • Painting
  • Painting -- History
  • Photography, Artistic
  • Public art
  • Women artists
  • Women artists --Biography
  • Women in art

The print collection of art materials is located on the 4th floor of Lied Library. (Please note the location of items in the catalog, as some art related materials are located at the Architecture Studies Library.)

  • N1-9211 Visual arts
    • N1-58 General
    • N61-72 Theory. Philosophy. Aesthetics of the visual arts
    • N81-390 Study and teaching. Research
    • N400-3990 Art museums, galleries, etc.
    • N4390-5098 Exhibitions
    • N5300-7418 History
    • N7420-7525.8 General works
    • N7560-8266 Special subjects of art
    • N8350-8356 Art as a profession. Artists
    • N8510-8553 Art studios, materials, etc.
    • N8554-8585 Examination and conservation of works of art
    • N8600-8675 Economics of art
    • N8700-9165 Art and the state. Public art
  • NA1-9428 Architecture
  • NB1-1952 Sculpture
  • NC1-1940 Drawing. Design. Illustration
  • ND25-3416 Painting
  • NE1-3002 Print media
  • NK1-(9990) Decorative arts  
  • NX1-820 Arts in general
    • NX1-260 General
    • NX280-410 Study and teaching. Research
    • NX411-415 Competitions
    • NX420-430 Exhibitions
    • NX440-632 History of the arts
    • NX650-694 Special subjects, characters, persons, religious arts, etc.
    • NX700-750 Patronage of the arts
    • NX760-770 Administration of the arts
    • NX775-777 Voluntarism in the arts
    • NX798-820 Arts centers and facilities
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