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DPT 790 Clinical Research in Physical Therapy | Kent

This guide is intended to support projects for DPT 790

Welcome to the Physical Therapy 790 - Clinical Research in Physical Therapy Guide

Welcome to DPT 790 - Clinical Research in Physical Therapy 

Instructor Information

image of Dr. Jenny Kent course instructor

Dr. Jenny Kent is an Assistant Professor at the UNLV School of Integrated Health Sciences in the Department of Physical Therapy. Dr. Kent completed is a trained Clinical Scientist. She completed her PhD in the Department of Biomechanics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, she undertook postdoctoral training at Northwestern University Prosthetics Orthotics Center in Chicago, IL. Dr. Kent maintains her UK registrations as a Clinical Scientist and a Chartered Scientist. Dr. Ken'ts research focuses on developing fundamental knowledge, rehabilitation strategies, and interventions to improve mobility and autonomy of individuals with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular compromise, with specific emphasis on people with amputation. (source:



Course Description

Introduction to principles and concepts of clinical research in physical therapy. Covers development of the research question, measurement issues, statistical analysis, literature review, and writing of results. 


Recommended Course Textbook

How to Use this Guide

How to Use this Guide

This library guide is designed to accompany the library workshop on searching. Please use the page tabs on the left side of the guide to locate resources:

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