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HCA 203 Multicultural Diversity and the US Healthcare System

This guide is designed to support Chapter 3, How to conduct health disparities research. In The challenges of health disparities: implications and actions for health care professionals.

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Searching for Health Disparities 

On pages 60-61 we share some tips about searching to locate information on health disparities. Below are a few tips on how to search for health disparities using recommended keywords. 

Search terms

Searching for health disparities can be tricky. Search terms developed by expert searchers might help you narrow your topic. Below are terms we recommend you try when searching to locate health disparities information. Remember you can apply quotations around a phrase to find the exact phrase.

"Health disparities" 

"healthcare disparities" 

"health status disparities" 





"socioeconomic factors" 

"minority groups" 

"social determinants of health" 



"ethnic groups" 


Source: PubMed 

Search terms

Additional Agencies to Search

Try the links below to locate health disparities information.

CDC Health Equity Guide image

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