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HCA 203 Multicultural Diversity and the US Healthcare System

This guide is designed to support Chapter 3, How to conduct health disparities research. In The challenges of health disparities: implications and actions for health care professionals.

Welcome to the HCA 203 - Multicultural Diversity and the US Healthcae System Guide

Welcome to HCA 203 - Multicultural Diversity and the US Healthcare System

Instructor Information

Profile picture of Dr. Betty Burston, course instructor

Dr. Betty Burston is the Associate Professor-in-Residence at the UNLV School of Public Health in the Department of Health Care Administration and Policy.  Dr. Burston completed her training as an economist at Cornell University and American University. Her primary research interest is improving knowledge of healthcare systems and illnesses and diseases through the use of "edutainment." Dr. Burston is a member of consensus panels who published The State of African American Health: An Action Plan, Volume 1 (2013); Hepatitis C: A Crisis in the African American Community: Findings and Recommendations, October 2013 and other publications. Her cross-disciplinary interests have led to the publication of more than 100 articles, opinion editorials, and monographs. (source:




Course Description

Examines role of race and ethnicity in need for, access to, and delivery of health care in US. Special emphasis on role discrimination may play in health care disparities. Also examines role of cultural diversity and competency in health care delivery. Focus on diversity programs in Southern Nevada.


Course Textbook
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