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COE 202: Second Year Seminar: Finding Popular Articles

Use this guide to find resources related to the College of Education Second Year Seminar

Popular Articles

When you have the option to use "popular" articles, it sounds pretty easy, but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Often when we talk about popular articles, we're talking about magazine articles, as opposed to the scholarly sources you'll use for many of your assignments. On this page, I provide some options for locating these popular articles.

Popular Articles with Quick Search

One way to find popular articles is to use the Quick Search tool (the search box on the UNLV Libraries home page) and limit yourself to MAGAZINE ARTICLES.

Search for your topic, then look for the Format filter on the right side. You probably will need to click "Show More" to find the Magazine Articles option. 

Screenshot of format filter in Quick Search. Arrow points to option to show more.

Popular Magazines and Newspapers with PressReader

Another option is to explore PressReader, which provides access to lots of magazines and newspapers that UNLV Libraries has access to. 

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