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PBL Resource Guide

This guide provides the information you need to get top marks on your learning issues presentations in Problem-Based Learning.

Problem-Based Learning Resources

Five people sit around a rectangular table with several laptops and notebooks open. They are looking at a large monitor in the background placed at one end of the table. The monitor is in front of a whiteboard with multi-colored sticky notes arranged over most of the surface.

This guide is designed to help you efficiently navigate to the clinical and health-related resources the library provides for your use. These resources include well-regarded texts, databases, learning collections, and websites that can help you address questions during PBL sessions and answer your Learning Inquiries.

Vector image of a na open book with a bookmark  Medical Dictionaries

Read free icon designed by Freepik via @flaticon

colorful vector image of a photo and a squure play button   Images & Multimedia Resources

Tip: Search radiology textbooks for CT, MRI and ultrasound images

Media free icons designed by Freepik via @flaticon 

Colorful vector image of a labeled vial filled with red liquid Lab Test Information

Blood Tube free icons designed by Freepik via @flaticon

colorful vector image of two oblong medication capsules and one round white tablet  Drug Information

Capsules free icons designed by Freepik via @flaticon

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