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ME 497/498 Senior Design Project I and II (Morris & Wang): ME 497/498

Course related library resources for ME 497/498


Welcome to the ME 497/498 library guide.  Here you will find resources we talk about during the library session, as well as tools we hope will assist you throughout your ME 497/498 experience.  Please don't hesitate to email or call any of the librarians with questions after the session. 

Q. Where can we learn more about altering currently patented inventions and the procedure to patent the new inventions?

A.  Here are some training resources provided by the US Patent and Trademark Office:

Also, don't forget the information that you will gain during this class, as well as the resources in the  UNLV Resources for Intellectual Property and Business StartUps box below. 

Other Resources

The country and international Patent Search Databases listed in this guide provide a number of fact sheets, guides and tutorials to assist you in becoming a better patent searcher.  Below are additional resources for more advanced patent inquiries.  Please remember to consult with your research advisor/professor along the way!

Tracking Your Search

Because a search for a truly novel invention will come up empty (there is nothing to find), you need to know when to stop searching.  When is enough searching enough?  There is no perfect answer, but using a logical and organized search process will help you make that decision.  The worksheet below may assist you.  Feel free to make a copy and modify it to suit your search style.

Engineering Librarian

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Sue Wainscott, Engineering Librarian

Business Librarian

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Patrick Griffis Business Librarian
(702) 895-2231

Search for Prior Arts / Patent Documents & Market Opportunity Analysis Resources

There are many tools available to help you search for Prior Arts documents. 

Helpful U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Tools

UNLV Resources for Intellectual Property and Business StartUps

As your work progresses, you and your research advisor may wish to discuss opportunities to take your class project to the next level.  Below are some UNLV resources to be aware of.

RebelForge, the Technology Development and Transfer Office, and the Office of Economic Development can assist with the process of protecting your innovation and taking an invention to market.

The Small Business Development Center can provide information to all local entrepreneurs and help navigate the planning and setup of new small businesses.

The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering's Mendenhall Innovation Center allows undergraduate students to earn a minor in entrepreneurship and design. 

The UNLV Lee Business School's Center for Entrepeneurship provides many resources and opportunities for co-curricular opportunities (contests, awards, etc.) that may be of interest to ME 497/498 students.

Business Plan Template Sources

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