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Biological Sciences

Resouces covering the life sciences.

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Find Books

Find Books

Locate books and other materials owned by the University Libraries. Quick Search will tell you the location of the book in the Libraries and the call number.  E-books are also listed.

Life Sciences by Call numbers

Subclass Call Number Range Topic or Subject of Interest
QH 1-278 Natural History
QH 301-359 Biology, General
QH 359-425 Evolution
QH 426-470 Genetics
QH 471-489 Reproduction
QH 501-531 Life
QH 540-549 Ecology
QH 573-671 Cytology
QK 1-474 Botany, general
QK 475-495 Spermatophyta
QK 504-638 Cryptogams
QK 640-707 Plant anatomy
QK 710-899 Plant physiology
QK 900-989 Plant ecology
QL 1-355 Zoology, General
QL 360-599 Invertebrates
QL 605-740 Vertebrates
QL 750-795 Animal behavior
QL 799 Morphology
QL 801-951 Anatomy
QL 951-991 Physiology
QM 1-695 Human anatomy
QP 1-981 Human physiology
QR 1-74 Microbiology, General
QR 75-99 Bacteria
QR 100-130 Microbial Ecology
QR 180-189 Immunology
QR 355-502 Viroloty


Reference Sources in Biology

Here is a list of reference sources you can use to support your research needs. 

1. Encyclopedia of Biostatistics / Peter Armitage, Theodore Colton. Call number RA E53 2005. First Floor

2. A Dictionary of Genetics / Robert C. King, William D. Stansfield. Call Number QH427 K55 2002. Fifth Floor

3. Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology / John Holt, ed. Call Number QR81 B46 1984, First and Fifth Floors

4. Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology / John Holt, ed. Call Number QR81 A5 1994. First Floor


Discovering e-books

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