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Hospitality College Part-time Instructor's Guide to Library Services & Resources

Adding Resources in WebCampus

Persistent Links

  • A persistent link is a URL that will remain stable over time allowing access to a particular electronic resource, such as an ebook or online article. 
  • It is important to use persistent links because copying links from subscription collections from the URL bar in your browser often yields broken links. 
  • In Quick Search, persistent links are called permalinks. They are also known as a permanent, stable, or durable URL.

Item view of an ebook in Quick Search with arrows pointing to 1. Permalink and 2. Copy the Permalink to Clipboard

Authenticated Links

  • Authenticated links allow access from off campus by prompting members of the UNLV community to enter their ACE login information.
  • A proxy server verifies UNLV affiliation and allows access to resources from off campus. 
  • Some databases will automatically generate a proxied persistent link. If it does not include the proxy prefix (, you should add it using the Proxy Link Generator.
  • The proxy prefix is not required when using permalinks from Quick Search. Simply copy the permalink to clipboard, as shown in step 2 of the image above, and add it to your course.

More Information

  • For more information on adding links into WebCampus, visit the Libraries' WebCampus Toolkit.
  • For additional questions and support, please contact Francesca Marineo, Teaching & Learning Librarian for Online Education.
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