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Getting Started with Data Cleaning and OpenRefine

This guide is meant to introduce readers to the importance of data cleaning through a useful tool for working with "messy" data, OpenRefine.

Data Preparation and Transformation

OpenRefine is excellent at helping you prepare your data for analysis. The pages listed in this section are as follows:

  1. Common Transformations - This section contains information about common transformations, such as trimming leading and trailing whitespace, altering the case of words and phrases, and changing data types.
  2. Faceting - This section contains information on creating and editing text and number facets as well as an overview of other common facets.
  3. Clustering - This section contains information on different ways to cluster text as well as how to edit and merge text cells.
  4. Splitting and Combining Cells - This section contains information on adding and splitting columns.
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