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Historical Newspapers: Las Vegas and Nevada

Newspapers available online and on microfilm at UNLV Libraries

Las Vegas Newspapers

Las Vegas Age

Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas Sentinel-Voice

UNLV Student Newspaper

Online Access to Las Vegas Newspapers - summary by date

  • most recent 2 months. Page images for the Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun in PressReader. (both included under the title Las Vegas Review Journal)
  • 9/29/1996 - present. Full-text articles (no images) for the Las Vegas Review Journal in Access Nevada.
  • 2/19/1996 - present. Full-text articles from the Las Vegas Sun, 2/19/96 -current in Access Nevada. Also includes scattered issues from 1973-1995 and a single issue from 1957. 
  • 3/30/1929 - 12/31/1996. Searchable page images for the Las Vegas Review Journal in Access Nevada.
  • 12/2/1990 - 12/31/2012. Full-text articles for the Las Vegas Review Journal in ProQuest US Newsstream.
  • 10/1/06-9/28/10. Full-text articles for the Las Vegas Sun in ProQuest US Newsstream.
  • 1995 - present. Full-text articles for the Las Vegas Sun on their web site. 
  • 1962-66, 1968-70, 1975-1977 Full-text articles for the Las Vegas Sun are available online via Las Vegas-Clark County Library's subscription to - you must have an LVCCLD card or visit a branch for online access.
  • 1905-1947. Page images for the Las Vegas Age. Selected issues are also searchable online via the Library of Congress' Chronicling America project and Las Vegas-Clark County Library's subscription to - you must have an LVCCLD card or visit a branch for online access.
  • 1905-1905. Page images for the Las Vegas Times.

Indexing for Las Vegas Newspapers

  • 1983 - 1990 Citations only microfiche index to Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun available at UNLV Lied Library.
  • 1972 - 1982  Citations only to Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun available in NNI Nevada Newspaper Index on UNLV Lied Library microfilm scanning computers. Instructions on how to use.
  • 1930 - 8/1968. Las Vegas Review Journal index (citations only) available on index cards at the Cahlan Research Library inside the Nevada Historical Society and Museum, which is located in Springs Preserve. Contact them or call ahead at 702-486-5205 to make an appointment to use the index.
  • 1905 - 1940. Las Vegas Age index (citations only) available on index cards, also at the Cahlan Research Library.

Historical Newspapers collections available via LVCCLD

Residents with a Las Vegas - Clark County Library District card can access the following online newspaper archives. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal historical collection - 1929-1996  (Newsbank)

Las Vegas Review Journal, 1996-present - (Newsbank)

Las Vegas Sun, 1962-1977  available in

Search tips for LVRJ Archive

Want to try fancy Boolean search operators to search the newspaper collections more precisely? 


AND narrows searches by returning only content that includes both key terms. Any number of words can be joined by the AND operator. OR will show results for either or both keywords.

NOT narrows a search by eliminating specific aspects of a search. Use NOT to: Include one term, and not the other, such as palms NOT tree. Eliminate irrelevant articles, such as Mexico NOT "New Mexico."

(parentheses) (cat AND dog) OR mouse will find articles that contain cat and dog OR those that contain the word mouse, regardless of whether they contain cat and dog. (cat) AND (dog or mouse) will find articles that contain the words cat and dog OR cat and mouse.
"exact phrase" Use quotation marks to search an exact phrase  - "Cashman Field" finds Cashman Field, not James Cashman or Cashman Elementary.
*, ?  Wildcards: danc* will find dancers, dancing, dance; wom?n will find items containing woman or women. Wildcards cannot be used within quotations or with proximity operators.
NEARx x=number of words. Showroom NEAR5 Frontier finds sentences mentioning both a showroom and the Frontier Hotel (or Last Frontier, or Nissan Frontier). 
ADJx ADJ finds terms adjacent. Lee ADJ2 Oswald will return results for both Lee Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald. Note that x equals the number of words between the two terms.


Nevada Digital Newspaper Project

Historical Nevada Newspapers by County

Carson City (formerly Ormsby County, 1861-1969)













Pershing (part of Humboldt County before 1919)



White Pine

Historical Nevada Newspapers by collection

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