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Honors 440 - Healthcare reDesign

Welcome to Honors 440 - Healthcare reDesign

Instructor Information

Profile photo of Dr. Kate Martin, course instructor.

Dr. Kate Martin is the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and an associate professor in the UNLV School of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine. She previously served as Family Medicine Residency Program Director and Director of Community Engagement for the UNLV School of Medicine. She has also held a series of leadership positions with both University Medical Center and the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.

Dr. Martin's research focuses on the health and well-being of people with disabilities and their families. She has co-authored a peer-reviewed curriculum on medical care for patients with disabilities and has developed public health programs to improve the quality of life for adults with severe cognitive disabilities and their caregivers. She is a Clinical Director for the Special Olympics MedFest, a program that provides free sports physicals for the athletes. Dr. Martin's research team is currently exploring the use of machine learning based systems to improve communication for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Dr. Kate Martin



Course Description

Problem-based learning is commonly taught in medical schools, engaging students in a subject by working through a poorly-defined problem. Design thinking is a way to develop and promote creativity in the problem-solving process. This course focuses on the application of human-centered design thinking to address complex social problems that exist within our current healthcare system, such as health disparities. As a result, there is an emphasis on vulnerable populations in healthcare, such as the chronically ill and disabled, low-income and homeless individuals, as well as the very young and very old.


Course Textbook
How to Use this Guide

This library guide offers resources on topics covered in this course. Please use the page tabs on the left side of the guide to locate library resources including videosdatabases, books, and articles on the following topics:

  • Library Databases
  • Week 4: Aging in America
  • Week 5: Racism in Medicine/Health Care
  • Week 5: Indigenous Populations
  • Week 6: Disabilities and the US Healthcare System
  • Week 7: LGBTQIA+ Inclusion, Care and other Considerations for Health and Wellbeing
  • Week 8: Economically Disadvantaged Children & Adults, including the Uninsured
  • Week 9: Geographically Vulnerable Populations
  • Week 12: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Presentation Resources
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