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CEE 250: Sustainability in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Fortier): Home

Materials to assist you in your CEE 250 coursework and projects


Welcome to the Library Course Guide for Civil and Environmental Engineering 250, Sustainability in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Have questions?  Contact me using the information in the left hand column, or at the bottom of the page!  - Sue

Videos about algal biofuels viewed in class.

DNews - Algae for biofuel

Truthloader - Algae to Crude Oil


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Recommended Databases and Search Tips

The below databases will help you locate scholarly articles, product information, standards documents, book chapters, and technical reports about Civil and Environmental Engineering topics.  Each database contains a different set of items.  To search, you should consider what words the author may have used (e.g. air pollution, or air quality?), or look for ways to search a list of subjects or topics.  Use quotation marks around a specific phrase to search for exactly "state implementation plan" documents. 

In some cases, you may need to request the full text of items. This may take a couple of days to reach you through a request to an agency, or through an interlibrary loan request.  Don't delay (the interlibrary loan service is free to you as a UNLV student), and ask a librarian for help if you can't find the full text of something!

US Government Regulations and Laws

The US government provides a searchable and browseable version of the Code of Federal Regulations.  You may browse the various parts of 40 CFR, Protection of the Environment, on this website: .

The database below is an alternative to directly searching the US Federal Code database

To browse 40 CFR, or any other federal regulation of interest, use the "Regulations" Search Type, and in the Search Within option, select the "Code of Federal Regulations". 

If you are looking for a specific section of the CFR, use the "Search by Number" Search Type, and select the "Code of Federal Regulations" option, and enter both the title number and the section number. 

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