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Career Resources

Resources for career readiness preparation


Career Exploration Checklist


Understanding and learning about yourself is an important part of the career development process.  This includes understanding your interests, skills, values and personality traits.  The following are resources to help you begin this process of self-discovery.


You have decided that you want to earn a degree from the College of Fine Arts; however, now is the time to explore the many paths of employment with your specific degree.  See the selected resources to help you explore a variety of options.

Develop the tools to share your story with future employers or clients.  The following resources will help you create your resume, cover letters and portfolios.


The job search process is manageable if you employ the right tools to prepare yourself for search.  The following resources will help you with: 

Now that you have secured the interviews, begin preparing to ensure that you receive multiple offers.  Check out the following services and resources offered by the UNLV Career Services and the UNLV Libraries.

When you receive the first offer, there are some strategies and tools that you can use to negotiate the best deal possible.


Are you thinking about Graduate or Professional School?  The following resources will help you to prepare.

Books about Art Careers

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