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Digital Scholarship@UNLV

This guide will tell you more about UNLV's open access institutional repository, Digital Scholarship@UNLV

Readership Report and Author Dashboard

Digital Scholarship@UNLV provides contributors of full-text content with monthly reports on the use of their works. These reports are emailed to each author, and the email includes links to access your Author Dashboard. The dashboard provides information on how many downloads the documents have received and where those downloads are occurring (including countries and types of institutions).

In order to fully take advantage of this information, along with other useful information such as metrics, you need to have full-text items in the repository. Find out how to deposit full-text items into Digital Scholarship@UNLV.

Monthly Readership Report

The readership report from bepress Digital Commons gives authors a snapshot of the downloads occurring on their works in Digital Scholarship@UNLV. It arrives monthly in your email inbox and provides:

  • The last month’s downloads
  • The total downloads for all of your works
  • A link to your author dashboard

This is an example of the readership report you would receive in your inbox.

bepress readership report example showing 8 new monthly and 932 total downloads of the authors work in Digital Commons repositories. The report ends with a link to "visit my dashboard."

Author Dashboard

The author dashboard provides contributors with a variety of tools to help gauge impact and reach of their works included in Digital Scholarship@UNLV. This information provides a supplement to traditional citations, and along with altmetrics badges, gives additional insight into where and how often the world is discovering your research.

One of the first things you’ll see when you get to your dashboard is a map of downloads.

Example Author Dashboard showing geographic distribution of downloads on a global map.

Authors can add a date filter to select the timeframe of data to show, such as for an annual report.Calendar filter within the author dashboard demonstrating how to set a date range for the downloads shown on the Readership map.

Additional views of the data include downloads by country and works sorted by download.

Map of all countries showing a scaled view of downloads by country. The United States is dark blue indicating around 600 downloads and most of the rest of the world is light blue or white indicating fewer downloads.

A table showing an example of the top ten works sorted from highest (556) to lowest download (204).


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