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Rebel Debate Institute: Library Guides

A resource guide for the 2017 Rebel Debate Institute

Welcome RDI Students to UNLV Libraries!

(July 17) Resolved: Zoos and animal exhibition parks should be eliminated

(July 24) Resolved: The US should establish a colony on Mars. 

(August 1): School Uniforms

This guide has been created to help you find zoo & exhibition park-related & US/colony on Mars resources available through UNLV Libraries, in addition to reliable and credible websites!


Video-How Can You Tell If A Source is Credible?

Evaluating & Fact-Checking Your Sources Using the CRAAP Test

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

Is the source REAL or FAKE? You decide!

What is Fake News? Keys to Identifying It

UNLV Libraries Databases


As you are researching, be sure to expand your searching by looking into additional keywords & synonyms. You can also combine words, such as:

Below are some examples of additional keywords that you may want to try in your own searching:

  • Dress code

  • School uniform

  • School uniforms
  • debate
  • pro
  • con
  • controversy
  • student 
  • education
  • K12


Try combining keywords, such as:

  • school uniforms AND  K12
  • academic achievement AND school uniforms

July 24:

  • Mars AND colony AND "United States"
  • Mars colonization AND "space exploration"

Below are some examples of additional keywords that you may want to try in your own searching:

  • Mars
  • colonization
  • colonization of Mars
  • space technology
  • human mission
  • exploration
  • space colonization 
  • Mars One
  • space exploration
  • outer space culture

July 17:

  • animal theme parks AND ethics
  • zoos and animal rights
  • zoos
  • animal exhibition parks
  • animal theme parks
  • animal captivity
  • captive animals
  • circus
  • aquariums
  • animal rights
  • zookeepers
  • ​captive killer whales

Space & Mars Colonization Websites

Uniform-Related Resources & Websites

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