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Decoding Assignments: Resources

This guide will help students to decode and understand instructor expectations on course assignments.

UNLV Resources

To help you as you complete your assignments, we have provided a list of the resources available to you at UNLV: 

You can also meet with a librarian for further research assistance.Click the link below to make an appointment: 

Schedule a Research Consultation 

External Resources

The following link includes helpful information that will better help you to understand your assignments. Scroll down under 'Key Terms' for a list of words your instructors might use when giving instructions. Words such as 'Compare,' 'Assess,' and 'Synthesize' are defined. 

This guide is particularly helpful in breaking down assignment instructions and organizing your thoughts to create a fluid essay. 

Below is a video to help you to understand professor expectations.

This link explains several different types of assignments and provides helpful tips to completing them.


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